Indistar and School Improvement Planning


Indistar is an online tool designed to systematically guide schools through the improvement process. The tool stems from Oregon’s NCLB Flexibility Waiver as a part of the State’s continuous school improvement planning process. Steps include a conducting a needs assessment, prioritizing these needs, developing a detailed Comprehensive Achievement Plan (CAP) and monitor and evaluating the plan.

Indistar is comprised of 34 research-based indicators that reflect best practices. Each indicator falls under one of five keys areas of effectiveness. Effective schools perform well in each of these five key areas, which closely align to the seven turnaround principles identified by the United States Education Department. Oregon’s definitions of the five key areas, and corresponding turnaround principles, are attached. An abbreviated list can be found below.

Five Key Areas of Effectiveness
Indistar 5-Key-Areas-of-Effectiveness

  1. Technical and Adaptive Leadership
  2. Educator Effectiveness
  3. Teaching and Learning
  4. School and District Climate and Culture
  5. Family and Community Involvement

Under the Waiver, all Title I schools will be required to use Indistar in their improvement planning process. Resources have been provided to assist school with this process.

While Title schools require the use of Indistar, the tool is available to all districts/schools. If you would like your school’s login, please contact Lynn Scott, Federal Programs Coordinator.

Indistar and School Improvement


Supplemental Worksheets to Use When Developing Your CAP